Diễn Viên Bruno Dickens

Bruno Dickens

Thông tin diễn viên

If you've ever seen the amateur action over at Mofos.com, you've probably already seen Bruno Dickemz in action, fucking every amateur slut that comes his way like the practiced professional dick-slinger that he is. Born in Puerto Rico, Bruno is all dick. Bruno not only shows off his Spanish-speaking skills, but also his impressive cocksmanship in his spicy scenes. Nothing is too freaky for Bruno Dickemz, who takes on even the craziest of director's requests with a smile on his face and a fat hard-on in his pants. With a smile that will melt even the coldest ice-queen's heart and a cock that will make any horny lady's pussy drip like the Rio Grande, Bruno is one of the industry's leading lotharios!

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